Rugby Club

Top performing rugby clubs in the world

Rugby has always been a popular sport throughout history, fans around the world would cheer for their favorite team to play while sitting back and relaxing in their respective homes. Rugby is a sport that not only requires a physically fit and strong body, it also needs great amount strength and endurance to keep you going.

That’s why rugby teams around the world perform better because of their body build, and like any other sports, there are teams which perform better than the rest. So, if you’re looking to find the top performing rugby clubs around the world, here are a few candidates that fit the bill.

  1. Crusaders – First on the list is the Crusaders, this New Zealand professional rugby team has its share of ups and downs, but nevertheless it never stopped them from successfully winning seven titles in Super rugby history, which earned them the title of the world’s most successful rugby team in New Zealand and the world’s most successful non-international team.


  1. Toulon – Located in Toulon, France, this star studded team has won four national competitions all throughout their time, with a Top 14 and two Heineken Cup titles, this European has become a rising star in the world of rugby. Like any other rugby team, Toulon also has its share of failures, before they rose to stardom the team suffered from heavy financial losses as well as defeats in local and international tournaments.


  1. Waratahs – Founded in 1882, this Australian rugby team has the most powerful back line in the world of rugby today. They may have not have much success as their predecessors have, but that doesn’t mean that they have achieved nothing in their league, this team is one you should definitely watch out for this coming season.

If you want to support your favorite rugby team, just watch the national rugby games on registered and legal viewing sites or on your favorite sports channel. These are only a few of the best teams around the world today, there are still more teams rising in the ranks to stardom, so keep watching and love the game.